The school was started in April, 1995 as a Primary School. And after that it has never looked back. It has been getting more and more students every year and with the blessings of Her Holiness Satguru Mataji it has now been upgraded up to secondary level. It has won acclaim with good performance year after year and reflects a qualitative progress in all fields. It is gratifying that there has been a steady flourish in the various activities ushered in the school.

Every child is born with the natural instinct of curiosity, i.e. the urge to learn. The same must be intelligently encouraged continually so that, the urge to learn remains vital in the whole educational process. If this eagerness to learn is encouraged in every student then there will not be any problem either to the teacher or to the taught.

Learning is greatly facilitated in an atmosphere of care and affection. True education must inculcate sensitivity among the students. We at SNPS try to inculcate the moral values of humility, gentleness, patience, consideration and courtesy which are vanishing these days from the so called modern education, so that the students from this institution prove themselves competent to face the challenges of today’s  highly materialistic and competitive world.

When I think of my association with the school, I can’t help being nostalgic about the time I have spent with this institution. I have closely watched it growing up from infancy to adulthood. As always I firmly remain committed to the future growth and development of this school. I hope that the SNPS family, bound by a sincere concern, affection and all-round development of the children will continue to work united with dedication to create a better tomorrow.

Let us not forget that even the very successful people of the world have endeavoured hard while treading the path of success. However, success of an individual does not lie in acquiring academic excellence but also in becoming a good human being.

                          If you can’t be a highway, then just be a trail,

                          If you can’t be the sun, just be a star,

                          It isn’t by the size that you win or fail,

                          Be the best of whatever you are.