It is my pleasure to share my thoughts with one and all. The goals of both the teachers and parents are similar and they must work hand in hand for the welfare of the children and their education in order to let them face the real life in the modern situation. They are the ones who shape the present and future of the young generation.

It is rightly said that the teacher are like a lit lamp and if its flame is steady and bright, it can lit hundred others without any difficulty. We all agree with this proposition. We all have come up as teachers shaped our life. We in the SNPS are conscious of this responsibility. We are sure that if all of us work hard together we can create a very strong stable and healthy environment all around. If we are in our actions, behavior and conduct follow the spiritual and moral values in our children; they can become ideal citizens for doing well to the society.

I have been associated with this prestigious school for a long time and of feel proud that the school has made remarkable progress and development in the last few years. It is because of best teachings and inculcating discipline taught by the teachers under the guidance of principal.

 My best wishes are there with the teachers and the students of this missionary school.

May god bless them all to continue achieving excellent results in the future also.

Thanking You


(Gurmeet Kaur)