In the changing socio-economic scenario in our country, the educational process is becoming more and more complicated.

Education, in the wider sense, is a preparation for a fuller life. True education should humanise the person, full and all-round education of the complete person can be achieved when there is emphasis on cultural as well as spiritual growth. In this pivotal area, major purpose is the flowering of the human individuality through a well thought out programme of education. We, as educators, have a very important role to play in moulding the character, personalities and attitudes of our youth. Our endeavour at SNPS is to impart right values among the students so that they become worthy members of the society

Life cannot be measured in `Coffee Spoons` as put by T.S Eliot. Education is also not a sum total of degrees and certificates. It implies knowledge, distilled from numerous books, exercises, experiences, notions, ideologies, processed by mechanics of reasoning, organising and understanding. It aims at tapping the potential in each human being with a distinct degree and quality of physical, spiritual, moral, social, sociological and sensual base. This is why we are proud of having a contribution of a dedicated and committed teaching staff.

During my long association with the management, staff and students of the school I have had many memorable experiences. Looking back, I  have seen the school grow from its infancy to its present stage where it has made a name for itself. Our students have excelled in many fields and brought glory to the school. I feel proud to be a member of this family and pray to Her Holiness Satguru Mataji that school continues to progress in leaps and bounds.