Teaching is a missionary vocation adopted for personal satisfaction and social service. Teacher is a pivot around which the activities inside and outside the classroom revolve. His / Her duty does not end there but just begins. The teacher must have a commitment to excellence and total involvement in the programs of the school. Keeping these aspects in mind, the school management employs highly qualified, trained, experienced and devoted teachers. Teacher training programme and workshops are organized at regular intervals to ensure that the faculty keeps abreast of the latest developments in the field of education.

We expect and believe that the most invaluable resource – our teachers are the creators of enthusiasm for learning.


1 Mrs. Meenakshi Chugh VICE PRINCIPAL
2 Mrs. Sheela Banerjee T.G.T. S.St., Hindi
3 Mrs. Rashmi Chawla T.G.T. English
4 Mrs. Sarika Oberoi T.G.T. Bio, Science
5 Mrs. Manju P.E.T. Physical  Education
6 Mrs. Gurdip Kaur T.G.T. Science, Maths
7 Mrs. Tanuja Madaan TGT/Co-ordinator English
8 Mrs. Renu Kathuria N.T.T. All Subject
9 Mrs. Rekha Bhatia P.R.T. Hindi
10 Mrs. Mona Kapoor P.R.T. English
11 Mrs. Sonia Malik P.R.T. Social Science, English
12 Mrs. Khushboo P.R.T. All Subject
13 Mrs. Sunita Khurana P.R.T. All Subjects
14 Mrs. Swatikar Gupta Music Teacher Music, S.St.
15 Mrs.Indu Vij T.G.T. Hindi, Sanskrit
16 Ms. Silky Bhatia N.T.T. All Subjects
17 Mrs. Megha Malhotra P.R.T All Subjects
18 Mrs. Manmeet Kaur Art & Craft Art & Craft
19 Ms. Anisha Chaudhry T.G.T. Maths
20 Mrs. Amita Babbar P.R.T. All Subjects
21 Ms. Shalini Sardana T.G.T. Computers
22 Ms. Heena Dua Librarian Librarian
23 Ms. Pervinder Kaur N.T.T. All Subjects
24 Mr. Pradeep Kumar Tabla Player (Part-Time) Tabla
25 Mrs. Rachna T.G.T. Maths
26 Mrs. Nisha Chadha N.T.T. All Subjects
27 Mrs. Sweety Gupta Dance Teacher Dance
28 Ms. Monika Verma T.G.T. Science, Maths
29 Mrs. Manpreet Kaur Kalra Special Educator Special Educator
30 Ms. Tarleen Kaur Jolly T.G.T. English, S.ST
31 Mrs. Jyotipal Kaur P.R.T. All Subjects
32 Mrs. Preeti Sharma N.T.T. All Subjects
33 Mrs. Deepti Batra T.G.T. Science, Maths
34 Mrs. Ankita Bhatnagar P.R.T. All Subjects
35 Ms. Karishma Gupta PRT All Subjects