A workshop on “Path to success” was organized in the school auditorium for classes VIII to X on 17 December, 2019. The resource person was the workshop was Ms Nishtha Bakshi who is an expressive arts based therapist in Fortis Hospital, Shalimar Bagh.

The objective of the workshop was to target the importance of managing stress levels during exam season, and provides practical tips and exercises for students to use both at school and at home, to encourage students to share and discuss their own ideas, advice and experience to help their peers.

The resource helped students to reflect the various causes of examination fear and how performance anxiety results in stress and fear. She mentioned various strategies in order to organize oneself and manage time in order to be stress free during exams.

 The students were guided towards smarter goal setting, improving memory and concentration, time management as well as mechanisms to bust exam stress effectively, and to help them to optimize their potential prior to and during exam seasons. The students were suggested measures on how to adapt the pressures of examination through effective study tips and by maintaining a proper time table.

The session was followed by a Q & A to help them clear their doubts. The students seemed to be happy and stress free after the workshop.