“May our dreams of yesterday

Be the hope of today

And reality of tomorrow”


Orientation means to get oriented with the parents, students and teachers to ensure a positive atmosphere for learning as well as co-operation.

The orientation programme of SNPS, Avtar Enclave was organized on 12th April, 2018 for the secondary wing and 13th April, 2018 for the primary wing. The speakers of the programme for the secondary wing were Mr. Chitkara, an Educationist and Mr. Satinder, a renowned Counsellor along with our school teaching staff.

The programme was actually a guidance to tackle the problems of the students and seek the co-operation of the parents in moulding the students as good human beings.

The speaker for the primary wing was Mrs. Tanuja Madaan (along with our school teaching staff). The parents were stressed on the importance of attending PTMs and the active participation of their wards in all co-curricular activities of the school. Inculcating moral values and discipline was also a matter of discussion. Many points like restriction on use of mobile phones, abusive language were highlighted. The students should be encouraged to speak in English and develop reading habits. As a child observes and follows his/her teacher in the same manner he/she follows the atmosphere of his/her home. So, the child should be given a positive environment with a good peer group. It is the duty of the parent to check the diary of their ward daily.

The parents were very curious to know about the upgradation of the school and the streams the school will offer to the students.

The programme was a success and the school received many suggestions from the parents. The parents proposed for introducing third language (foreign language). The parents also want classes for Abacus and sports activities like taekwondo, skating and summer camp to be introduced in the school.

Our Vice Principal, Mrs. Meenakshi Chugh also addressed the parents and hoped for their support in making the students moral citizens of our country.